Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Recipes on my Kitchen Blog!!

I thought I would post a couple of recipes on the kitchen blog before I go to bed. I hope you enjoy them!

Today was another long day. Kevin went with me to Walmart and Dollar Tree. He did good though. It is so hard for him to get into the van but he made it and even walked from Walmart to Dollar Tree while I was checking out. It was a mad house in both stores. I only got a few things at each store and said the heck with it, too many people. I do have to go to Krogers in the morning for a couple of things they have on special then I will wait until the 1st of the month crowd slows down so I can shop in peace LOL!!!

I finished up a centerpiece I was working on today. I will take a picture of it and some of the other fall decorations I've put up in here tomorrow. Now if we just had a table to put the centerpiece on that would be great!! LOL We eat or meals & watch TV on the computers etc. at our computer desks. We only have 2 other office chairs in our living room for company, the couple times a year my aunt & uncle visit. I would love to have a nice comfortable couch or chair to sit in. Oh well that's life!! LOL

I stopped at the farmers market or whats left of it, 2 vendors ;). I bought another jar of the best honey I've ever had today. I have about 2 1/2# of honey now. Might get another one next Saturday if I have any money left. Things are going to be very tight this month. I wish I could sell some of the things I've gathered up that I would like to get rid of. The economy is really bad here since DHL pulled out of Wilmington. A lot of the people from here worked there. Times are bad everywhere.

It's getting late and I'm winding down so I think I will say "Good Night" to all of you. I hope you have sweet dreams , see you tomorrow.

Hugs and Blessings,

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