Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a quick note.......

I finally got a few pictures taken of some of my fall decorations. I will post them tomorrow. I'm just too tired tonight and in too much pain with my back and legs. I went shopping at Walmart and Krogers today. We are pretty well stocked now! and I'm beat!!

I posted a couple of cookie recipes on the Cookbook Blog. They are both quick and easy and oh so good!!! I hope you enjoy them. I shows too!!!! :(

I'll be back tomorrow with the pictures and more recipes...

Have a good night,

Hugs and Blessings my friends,


Catherine said...

I hope you get lots of rest and feel better very soon. Now I`m going to check out your recipes!

Brenda said...

Thanks Catherine, I did get some sleep last night and felt good enough to get all 5 candle heaters made. I was surprised how much heat they make. I also straightened up the garage so I can get my van in it. The garage is ready for winter now.

I hope you liked the recipes. I'm going to post a few pictures here now and then add more recipes to the cookbook.

Thanks for stopping by!