Friday, March 23, 2012

It Just Doesn't End........

Hi Friends,

               Well, I guess I spoke to soon about hoping things were taking a turn for the better for Kevin. We have made many more trips to the ER, DR's., and finally  a specialist. We are finally getting answers and soon, hopefully with surgery he will be ok. He was fighting UTI's and yeast infections constantly and was referred to a Urologist, finally. He ran some tests and now we have answer. Kevin has Bladder Stone's at first we were told 3 but now there is 4 and they are all at least 1" in diameter each. He was scheduled for surgery this past Wednesday and the surgeon was going to remove them using a scope, Long story short, he ran into scar tissue and was unable to complete the surgery. Kevin is trying to find another surgeon who is willing to do the surgery the old way,  incision, and take them out that way. Keep him in your prayers if you can that he can get this done soon. He has already lost about 80 lbs..

         I have been doing ok, just trying to hold things together and keep Kevin going so he doesn't give up. He talks about that a lot the longer this goes on and he has anger management & depression problems also. I get a few hours sleep here and there at night and just grab a bite of  junk food on the run during the day. We will make it through all of this one way or another with God's help. Having our faith is what has kept us going through all of this.

           We have a new addition to our family, His name is Star. He is a short hair domestic rescue kitty from the shelter. We adopted 2 but the other one who was also black and named Shadow died a couple of months later. He had FIP. We are very lucky Star didn't get it too. Star got his name because he has a white star on his throat. He is getting to be a very large cat. He will be 1 year old April 28. I would love to get a small puppy , so they could play together. I miss having a dog so much, but I love my Star Kitty!!

         I have been in the mood to downsize. We just have too much stuff, so it's going out of here...donate, sell whatever it takes. I believe everything we have been going through has made me realize just what is more important.  I'm going to be getting rid of a LOT of my craft and sewing supplies, household items and more. I want to focus mostly on embroidery and small prims.

        It has taken me at least 4 hours or more to write this counting all  of the interruptions since I started it. I really want to get back to blogging, so I can have something positive to focus my thoughts on. I miss all of my blogging friends too!!! You guys are the greatest!!

        Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me here and followed what little I have posted.  I'm very serious about  getting my own life back on track and starting to take care of me more for a change.  I know that means a lot of work for, exercise,  making time for my sewing/crafting, taking care of the  apt. and most of all Bible Study and spending time with God.

          I hope to be back posting, even if it's just to say "HI, I'm still alive", very soon depending on how Kevin's health goes. The biggest lesson all of this has taught me is that I need to take care of myself too.