Sunday, September 5, 2010

110 Days Until Christmas !!!!

I know it's too soon to be thinking about Christmas on Labor Day Weekend! The time goes by fast though when you are making all of the gifts by hand, computer or sewing machine! I am making all of Kevin's gifts which really won't be all that many...10-15 maybe, if I get busy and get started. We make each others gifts each year, it means more because of the thought and work that goes into the projects. They are usually just little things but they mean a lot!

I'm also trying to work on my store blog. I have some information I need to add about shipping and purchasing, and I have some items finished that I will be posting later this week for sale. I have a huge amount of stuff to make yet, but it will all get done in time so I can add several new things each week. I could get a lot more work done if I could train Missy, my cat, how to cook and clean LOL!!!! Kevin is really good about helping out with doing things around the apt. He runs the sweeper, does his own laundry, empties the dishwasher, I fill it. He even cooks sometimes too. We both have some mobility problems so we balance out what each other is able to do. It works for both of us that way. I do more of the things that require lifting or moving, plus fixing supper, food preservation, shopping, laundry, mending/sewing, cleaning etc. and trying to get a business going.

I really enjoyed the cool weather we had this week, it made me feel like getting some work done. I see now that the heat is going to return this week. I guess we had better enjoy the warm weather while we still have it soon enough we will be complaining "it's to cold". I know, it's a vicious circle LOL!!!!

It's getting late and I'm getting tired. We went to Krogers today for a "few" groceries. I don't think it's possible to go to the store for just a "few" things, the cart was almost full!!

I hope you all have a good night,, what's left of it anyway. I will be around daily from now on. I have given up Face Book for the most part. I might use it to help advertise the store blog after I get it going, but other than that it's just a darn good way to waste time! I've got too many other things to do!!!

See you all tomorrow,

Hugs and Blessings,

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