Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving Day .......... Dec. 21 for the boxes of stuff and Dec. 22, the furniture moves over. I'm praying that we don't have a lot of snow those days. We don't have far to go it's just the idea of having to take everything out in the snow. I will be so relieved when this move is over. I'm getting too old for this stuff.  The one nice thing about the apartment is that it is priced so if something happens to one of us the other one can still live there. It falls in our budget range with assistance. That means we never have to move again!!!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  We have a 34" fiber optic tree up in the office, I was going to have a tree somewhere or else! I love to decorate for Christmas , it's my favorite time of the year, but not this year with the move.  I will make up for it next year though, nothing will be left without some kind of decoration on it!! LOL

I missed out on all of my holiday baking too, but maybe that's a good thing. I'm still trying to lose weight and keep my sugar under control. I've done pretty good so far, I rarely have to take my diabetes meds., and my Doctor is happy with my readings, if she's happy then I'm happy !

I hope to be able to get back to my sewing and crafts after we are settled from the move. I have some clothes cut out for Kevin and I that I want to get made up and a whole bunch of ideas for craft/sewing things I want to get made and put on my selling blog. The selling blog has had to take a back seat due to everything that has been going on. I had planned on having it up and running the first of November. I was having problems with the backgrounds and deciding if I wanted 2 or 3 columns etc..  I decided it was better to wait until everything was settled down here and I could give it my full concentration.

I hope you all have a peaceful night and a safe weekend if you are out and about. I will be right here in my card board jungle of boxes!!

Good Night,
Hugs and Blessings my friends,

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