Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making Changes

I'm going to be making some changes on background, little things here and there to spruce things up a bit.. I just thought the blog needed a little spring cleaning and up-dating, so please bear with me until I get this done! I had intentions of starting earlier today on making the changes, but going to the grocery seemed to take up most of the morning. It was one thing after another then , so I'm here now. I've been checking out new backgrounds and found a few I like, now just to decide which one I will use.

I have some sewing to start on tomorrow, I have a lot of projects on my list. I will probably have some to sell and will post them on here or start a new blog just for selling things on. I'm downsizing around here so I will have a lot of things to sell! I'm going to be adding more recipes to the kitchen blog keep checking back! Change is in the air!!!

The weather was just perfect today, sunny and warm. I hope it stays like this!

I'm going to go look at some backgrounds so I can confuse myself even more.

Have a good night!

Hugs and Blessings,


Catherine said...

Can`t wait to see your changes! I am always changing backgrounds. Can never make up my mind. Nice picture by the way! You have a great smile.

Diane said...

I love your blog and love the background. It would work good on my scrapping one too! Great connecting with you via facebook after so many years!

Brenda said...

Catherine, thanks, I finally got this blog done. The recipe blog comes next. This is the first time I've changed my blog. I think I will do it more often now.

Brenda said...

Diane, thanks. I thought the background was a nice change from what I had. I think it makes it easier to read, the other one was so dark. It's great getting back in touch with you too! We'll have to get together on here more. I'm stating my crafting back up so will have to divided my time!!