Thursday, September 24, 2009

Candles, Cocoa, and Cappuccino.....

a few of the things that have been taking up my time lately.

We gathered up all of the candles we had around here, which was quite a few more than I thought we had (lol). We sorted out the ones that were new and a few others that weren't too burned down. The rest are being broken up into pieces and being melted down to make new candles. I've already filled 10 containers with our "new" candles and still have a lot of wax left to use up. I may have to visit a thrift shop or 2 for more containers. I seem to be running out of them ;) .

I made a double batch of hot cocoa mix and one of cappuccino on Saturday. It's getting to be the time of year I really enjoy hot chocolate, especially hazelnut hot delicious... I like french vanilla and peppermint hot cocoa too. The cappuccino mix was for Kevin he really likes that. The recipes for both are posted on my cookbook blog under Beverages. I always double the cocoa, since we both drink it . The cappuccino makes a large amount and Kevin has that all to himself.

The sewing bug is hitting me big time and I see new clothes is my future...
I have been sorting through my patterns and have found a couple that I can adjust the size to fit me. ..pants, tops, jackets, t-shirts, nightshirts and maybe even a dress or 2 or 3... I made a pattern for t-shirts for Kevin so he will be getting some new clothes too.

I sorted out all of my embroidery supplies and have them all in one place now too, so I will be working on those projects in the evenings.

I have been working hard to finish up all of the loose end projects that had to be done around the apartment, now I feel like I can do the things I want to do without feeling guilty.

It's getting late so I'm going to call it a night.
See you all soon,

Hugs and Blessings my friends,

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TO BECOME said...

I love this blog look! It is sooo pretty.

I should do the same with my old candles. Maybe, I

I am glad that you left the recipes for the cocoa and others. That was sweet of you.

So glad to see that you are feeling better and hope you don't do too much to get ill. Take care dear friend. connie