Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy couple of days!!

The last couple of days it seems like I have been going non-stop. I went to Krogers yesterday to get a "few" LOL!! more groceries. I come out of there an hour later with the cart so full you couldn't squeeze a feather on it.!!! lol. I had the pleasure then of unloading everything into the van and then of course unloading it all at home!!
You all know the drill !!! ;) The freezer had to be quickly re-arranged to make room for things , which I had to go back through it again today to see what all I had bought.

Today I went to the local farmers market with the intention of only getting a few tomatoes haha!! I came home with 5 bags full of produce!! I sliced up the green tomatoes and the slices are in the freezer now on a cookie sheet to be put into bags for later use.
I got a dz. ears of corn to cook & cut off the cob to freeze, green peppers to cut up & freeze. The green beans I will cook with potatoes and they will be canned the next day. The cucumbers will become freezer pickles, the 4 eggplants will be fried and then packaged and frozen for future use.

We will eat part of the watermelon and the rest will be frozen for another day. The tomatoes will be eaten or cooked into some of the dishes I want to make up and then can later in the week.
I want to make up some of the one dish meals I make(I usually double or triple the recipe) then can the leftovers. I don't have to worry about anything going bad if I can it, in case the electric would go off or anything else.

I have so many things I want to do I wish I was triplets so I could get everything accomplished. I think I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to think about the problems we're having. My nerves are about stressed to the limit and I don't know what to do, time will tell.

It's getting late and I'm getting tired and tomorrow will be a busy day. I'll try to stop in tomorrow night but I'm not going to make any promises.

take care,
Hugs and Blessings,

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