Saturday, January 17, 2009

12 Pints of Chili !!!!

I was hoping I would at least get 8 pints but had enough for 12 and some left over for supper! I was soooo happy. I haven't canned anything since about 1997 just before mom started taking a turn for the worse. Mom and I canned 50# of potatoes and froze 20dz. ears of corn plus other veggies that we canned then too! Mom wasn't able to do much of anything the next year and I had to keep a close eye on her, darned Alzheimers.

I was a little nervous at first but it all came back to me like I had been canning all along. I was definitely doing the "Happy Dance" . Kevin looked at me like I had lost my mind or something because I was so happy about canning again. I will be able to can up most of our left overs now instead of freezing them. It will help a bunch because I like to make extra so we have meals ready if we need something in a hurry.

We finally got temps above zero again. I know we haven't had it nearly as bad as a lot of you, but these old bones just don't like the cold the way they used to! LOL. I hope you all have been able to keep warm through this cold spell. I'm thankful our electric didn't go out or it would have been really bad here. These apts. heat with electric heat pumps and we have no back up heat. We aren't allowed to have kerosene heaters it would have been candles and oil lamps for light and heat, but we would have made it with Gods help!

I have been trying to read some of your blogs to catch up on what you all have been doing. I hope tomorrow I can just take the day to play on here so I can read and respond to the many things I saw while skimming through messages. I'm so glad to have made so many new friends on here, you all have such interesting lives. I just love you all.

I had better get off here now and get some supper started. Tonight is "movie and popcorn" night!! We both love the older movies!

Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow!

Hugs and Blessings,


Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Brenda,
My mother had Alzheimer's ,also !
Love your blog & thank you again for the wonderful award !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Brenda said...

((((Sharon)))) TY
I'm sorry to hear your mom had to suffer through AD too. Mom had it for 17 years.

The 1st thing I think of when I can't remember something is am I following in her foot steps!


Anonymous said...

Love to can and preserve-but I've never tried anything like chili. What a wonderful idea to preserve your leftovers-I love it!