Friday, October 16, 2009

Real life....

just keeps interfering with my blogging time!! I hate that! I would rather spend time here with all of you, instead of cleaning, shopping, all that boring, necessary stuff!! lol!!

I have been trying to get the apartment ready for the cold weather and the pantry stocked up on staples. I need to take a few blankets to the laundry (they are too big for my apt. size washer) this week and that should be the end of most of my preparations. I still want to make some "candle heaters" just in case the electric would go out we could have a tiny bit of heat or at least heat a cup of water for tea...

I moved some appliances around on my kitchen counters today so I have more room next to the stove. I have my mixer there now instead of the microwave. I can roll out pie dough or cookies etc. and it also gives me room to sit jars when I take them out of the pressure canner. I like to make up large pots of food and then can most of it for future meals. I don't have to worry about things going bad in the freezer that way.

I've been spending time in the sewing/craft/office room too. I found 3 patterns that I was able to alter so they would fit. I really need something a couple sizes larger but these will work now. I've even gone through my stash of fabric and picked out enough that I can make 22 pieces clothing. I guess when I'm not cooking I'll be sewing during the day. My nights will be on here catching up with all of you. I will also be posting more recipes on the Kitchen blog. I have been been sorting through my stash of recipes and found a bunch more so keep watching over the next few weeks. I want to get as many posted as I can so I can move on to other projects.

I guess it's time for me to end this. Missy , my service cat, came in to help me type. She never seems to hit the right keys though.LOL!!

take care,
Hugs and blessings,


TO BECOME said...

I enjoyed your post, Brenda. Hope you get everything ready just the way you want it. I guess it is already pretty cold where you live. It got up to 75 here today. That is a lot cooler than it has been. Looking for those recipes! Have a good weekend and stay well. connie

Brenda said...

thanks Connie, It is 40* with a 33* wind chill. We've had to have the heat on most of the week. It is supposed to warm up for a couple of days next week. We are in south central Ohio.

I'm anxious to get back to posting more recipes too. I have a big bunch of them.

Take care and have a good weekend yourself! Brenda

Catherine said...

I like the way you organized your kitchen counters. I need to do that too. Can`t wait to see your recipes. We are still 70 in the daytime and 40`s at night. Haven`t used the heat yet and we also have preparations in case the electric goes off.

Brenda said...

Hi Catherine, It has made a big difference in the kitchen with the counters being changed. I'm glad I did it.

I'm getting ready to post a couple of recipes now. I'm glad you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by!