Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vintage/Antique Cloth Advice Needed Please

I have some vintage/antique tablecloths and handkies. I know for a fact that they are at least 50 years old because they belonged to my great-grandmother and my great-aunt.

The tablecloths have some light stains on them... looks like maybe coffee or tea. The stains are faded probably from washing over the years. My question is "how" or "if" I should try to remove the stains they are few and far between. The tablecloths are mostly linen and damask and are white. I have 1 tablecloth that is all lace in a dark champagne color,it has no stains but a couple of nickle size holes in the lace. It is beautiful and so soft! I plan on putting these on my store site in hopes of selling them.

The handkies have some dark stains like age and from being folded. Do I try to wash the ones that aren't too bad? The others I will probably just toss out or maybe sell very cheap for use as cutter pieces for projects.

I would appreciate any suggestions you have. I have no use for these items and would love to find good homes for them so they would be lovingly cared for.I have enjoyed looking at them for many years and it is now time to share them.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you may have. I will post pictures on the store site when I figure out how to care for these and how to price them.

Blessings and hugs,


Catherine said...

I use lemon juice and salt on the dark stains and hang the item in the sun if you can. That will at the least lighten the stains. Usually it takes them away. You have to keep the lemon juice wet. Oxyclean works great on damask and cotton linens.

You can just hang the linens in the sun as long as they are not thin and fragile. Or wash them gently in a tub or in a bag in your washer. Then lay on green grass. The chlorophyll helps fade the stain. It is winter so I guess no grass. Darn.

I have used these techniques on tablecloths and napkins for years, only recently used Oxy. They all work. I usually go for the gentler methods. It`s more work but easier on the fabric.

Good luck.

Brenda said...

Catherine, thank you so much, I will try the things you suggested.

Hugs and Blessings,