Thursday, July 8, 2010

Murphy's Law has been in full force here lately!!!!

Hi Friends,

If it could go wrong it has lately!!! the day after I last posted I noticed a wet spot on the carpet in the hallway. The first thing I thought was my 18 year old cat, Missy, had an accident. The spot wasn't made by her much to my relief but where was it coming from? It kept getting larger and quite soggy by the following Monday when I was finally able to reach the landlord...grumble, grumble, grumble..She told me to put a fan on it and try to soak up the water and let her know if that helped, of course it just kept getting worse. A couple of days later she finally sent maintenance in to check it out, It was close to the bathroom so they checked that & fixed what they thought the problem was and told me to call them if that didn't help, well they got called, by this time I was ready to call them a lot of things! They shook their heads no idea well to make a long story short, I had asked about the AC & they said no way but checked it to keep me happy. It was the AC but not mine . The apt. behind me was were it was coming from. Their AC leaked and the floors are so uneven it all ran into my apartment between the concrete floor and the carpet! It was finally fixed and dry the end of last week!!

I saw my Dr. last week and told her the "little" problem I had was getting worse and thought it was time to check it out and do something. July 5th, I saw the surgeon thinking my bladder was dropping, did I ever get the surprise. He said I have good news and bad news, you can imagine all of the things that were going through my mind by then. The "good" news was it wasn't my bladder, the bad news was, my uterus had prolapsed. He said that was a lot more serious. I'm scheduled for surgery July 16th @10 AM. I'm supposed to take it easy, no lifting etc. I will get to come home the next day if everything goes right. I have been having a lot of extra conversations with God to get me through this, and I know He will as He feels fit.

There has been a lot of downsizing going on around here again too! I gathered up a bunch of stuff, had a yard sale the 1st of the month and took what didn't sell to Good Will. I have gathered up more things but these are the old family pieces, and my cousin told me to go ahead and sell them. I will take pictures before I do. I will do that tomorrow. I have spent most of the day today researching the pieces I have so I know what price to ask for them.

I have started sewing some again. I had made a night shirt a couple of months ago but got sidetracked and didn't get it hemmed.I have been losing weight,40lbs. since last November, I tried the night shirt on and it about fell off. I need to take it in about 10" total and remake my patterns . I will have to cut all of the patterns I made down a bunch now...which is good !! I will have a lot of time to sew and craft while I'm taking it easy for a while. I'm very happy about that!!

It's getting late and I need to get some sleep. I have a long list of things I want to get done before my surgery. Talk to you all soon!

Hugs and Blessings my friends,


Jacqueline said...

good luck with your surgery and congrat's on the weight loss

Brenda said...

Thank you Jacque!

I will be glad when the surgery is done!

I hope to keep losing for a while, I still have a lot to lose. I am happy with each pound lost though and I'm taking it slow so the weight don't come back!!

Thanks for stopping by!